Nokia Belle Theme: Holo Family (updated 01-07-2012)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

This is my first theme published over the internet. This theme is inspired by Android 4.0 ICS (by Google) interface and Holo theme (by ~tiheum) for GNOME 3, and built using Carbide.ui 4.3. Faenza (by ~tiheum) is chosed to be the icon theme here — though i modified some of them. Here’s the shots: Here’s the download link: n.b.: free registration needed. Or download the custom (non-Faenza) icons from 4shared:   Revisions (01-07-2012): Holo-FP1 (custom icons) 900 KB: Revisions (28-04-2012): Holo-2 (custom icons) 999 KB: Revisions (25-04-2012): Holo-2 (custom icons) 1001 KB: Revisions (24-04-2012): Holo-2 (custom icons) 987 KB: Holo-faenza-2beta (Faenza icons) 967KB: Holo-default (default icons) 103 KB:

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  2. Carl says:

    Nice theme (my favourite is the holo-default) just one small detail: it’s a bit buggy in the calling UI (the line under the back space and the call button is not aligned).

    1. hakamybs says:

      actually it is not a bug, since the backspace button itself has smaller size than the other buttons in dialer screen.

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