Nokia Belle FP1 Update for 059L4M0

Alhamdulillah, per yesterday, Nokia Belle FP1 has been available in Indonesia for Nokia 700 product coded 059L4M0.
Through OTA (Over the Air) update, now my Nokia 700 runs the FP1. Here’re some of the changes I noticed:
– faster response / better performance (is it 1.3 GHz now? و الله أعلم بالصواب)
– Dolby headphone in Music & Video player
– new Browser version (
– more widgets (Calendar agenda, Feeds, Music player small, etc.)
– new Popup notification behaviour
– new Task switcher interface

– popup menu doesn’t have Cancel button (I got used to use the Cancel button when I cancel browsing a menu on previous Belle version so this new behaviour can be an annoyance at first.)
– new menu interface doesn’t change with themes (needs FP1-specific theme)
– landscape running apps become portrait in the Task switcher
– Silent profile notification doesn’t appear when switching Silent toggle on Notification panel
– theme animation cannot be disabled
– current lockscreen doesn’t have dark-shading background
– Aspect Ratio menu in Video Player app is now replaced by Dolby Headphone toggle
– no more Week View in Calendar


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