My Selection of Apps & Widgets for Nokia Belle


Alhamdulillah. It is Allah who let us “found” these:


  • AsgaTech Quran – the Arabic font used is easy to read and this app is useful for muroja’ah
  • GuidedWays Quran Terjemah Indonesia – provides Indonesian translation
  • Offscreen Qibla – useful to determine the Qiblah direction
  • Nokia Maps – since it provides offline navigation which is very useful for my daily activity. (:
  • Nokia Store
  • Nokia Drop – It integrates Nokia store to the browser (even OperaMini).
  • WhatsApp – Chat over the Internet through phone number.
  • OperaMini – its Opera Link sync bookmarks between the mobile and the desktop version of the app
  • OperaMobile – some contents that are not viewable via OperaMini, we could try this
  • BMI Calculator
  • ColorDetector – detect color via the camera
  • Car mode
  • Swiss Mgr. Lite
  • Swype keyboard – for faster typing
  • iDecompress
  • TrafficMonitor
  • 4shared mobile
  • Bord – blackboard alternative
  • Simple Timer
  • Stopwatch
  • CutePress – WordPress only
  • Blob – for Blogspot and WordPress
  • ScreenSnap
  • Pocket Ruler
  • QuickCurrency
  • Picsel SmartOffice
  • AnandBibek Qcal Nitro
  • ClipBook
  • The Flashlight
  • Pico Brothers YouTube Downloader
  • Nimbuzz
  • Netqin Mobile Security
  • Natty Scientific Calculator*


  • MondayCoder Battery Info
  • Notes
  • Mail, new arrival
  • Calendar, agenda
  • Clock, digital & analogue
  • Weather, now
  • Contacts, comms
  • Facebook, summary
  • RSS Feeds
  • Nokia Reader**
  • Notifications**
  • BH Production Force Control Widget
*) Java
**) Previous version of Symbian (not the Belle)

2 Comments Add yours

  1. wellwisher says:

    Salah (Prayer Times) –

  2. hakamybs says:

    @wellwisher: jazakallah khayran for the suggestion. actually I use “Prayer Times” v 1.0.2 by Ahmad Masykur. this app includes a homescreen widget that can be very useful.

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