[How to] Group Applications into A Folder in GNOME 3.x


Previously, we used to use Alacarte menu editor for arranging menu items in GNOME. But now in GNOME 3, we can arrange applications in the launcher via GNOME Software.

To do this, start the GNOME Software. Switch to ‘Installed’ tab. Then click the ‘Check’ button on the header/titlebar.

Select which apps we want to group into a folder. Not as intuitive as in OS ✕; still we can also do it in GNOME 3.

Now we are able to select what apps of those we are going to put into the same folder. Select by marking the small check button beside the app’s icon. Then, click ‘Move to folder…’ button which lies on the bottom left of the window to group the apps into the corresponding folder.

— END —


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