[Pidgin] How to Add Facebook (Not-XMPP) Support in Fedora 23 (x86-64)


Lately, even Empathy in Fedora 23 could not start Facebook chat (2015 Dec). Empathy asked for password every time it wanted to login; although you already had entered the password correctly, Empathy rejected it.

Empathy could not connect to Facebook Chat.

How about Pidgin?

What you need is libfacebook.so (could be downloaded here). Copy it into “/usr/lib64/purple-2” (need root mode). If you already have Pidgin run, restart it.

(Additional note) Debian-based user should place the corresponding file into “/usr/lib/purple-2” instead of lib64.

In-sha-Allah this would enable Facebook support for Pidgin.

With additional ‘libfacebook.so’ plugin, we can now add a Facebook account (not the XMPP one) to Pidgin.

Original source: https://github.com/jgeboski/purple-facebook/wiki


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